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System Quirk
Language Engineering Workbench

Version 2.1

"At last, a really usable toolkit for terminology extraction and management!"

"A system for teaching and learning terminology, lexicography, translation and text linguistics !"

Building term bases?

System Quirk is a flexible package of integrated tools for building and managing term bases. It is the first toolkit that makes powerful text analysis techniques available to the terminologist along with industry standard database management systems.

Developed over the last 9 years, System Quirk is based on leading edge research in terminology and text analysis. Throughout its development, System Quirk has been constantly used by both novice and experienced language users.

...or supporting translation services?

Facilities for building truly multilingual term bases, technical dictionaries and translation resources.
Tools for extracting contextual examples from 'real text' and gathering usage information Additional modules allow parallel text alignment and translation memories to be supported.

Standard methodology

System Quirk's integrated terminology development environment allows the novice or expert terminologist to rapidly build high-quality and consistent terminology. The integrated environment allows terms identified in text to be inserted into the term bank and tested, all with the minimum of user interaction. Quality of terminology is maintained by comprehensive validation and administrative information, as well as integrity and consistency constraints. Text collections can be re-organised and re-used without moving text files around, allowing easy selection of subcorpora for contrastive analysis work. The text analysis component of System Quirk is focused on identifying terms and their supporting elaboration data.

Advanced Technology

System Quirk is leading terminology technology into the next millennium, using true object-oriented representation of terminology data, and advanced text analysis and visualisation. System Quirk's terminology data manager is already configured to support terminology knowledge bases. Profiles for different tasks can be predefined by experienced users to allow novice users to be more productive. System Quirk tools are highly configurable and portable, with versions available under Microsoft Windows and UNIX. System Quirk tools can be configured to provide flexible solutions to information filtering and document management.

Benefits of System Quirk


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