The Institut national des telecommunications (INT) is a research and education service under the directionship of FRANCE TELECOM (Publicity-owned company in charge of operating the French lelecommunication public networks).

Out of a total permanent staff of 320, the research work force is equivalent to 50 full-time researchers. There are 120 permanent faculty members and nearly 800 part-time specialists.

INT has two main activities:

Education and Training

The Institut national des telecommunications (INT) belongs to a group of three topnotch Institutions for Higher Education from the French system of "Grandes Ecoles", ( Telecom-Paris, Telecom-Bretagne, INT ) that are telecommunication oriented.

INT hosts two graduate schools:

INT has a wide experience in analysing the needs, setting up and providing education tools for adults, postgraduate education, training programmes for members of several French and foreign corporation (Eastern Europeans countries and South America).

INT is a member of the "Conferences des grandes ecoles" which is a board of Directors of leading graduate engineering schools in France. (This board called "Commission du titre d'ingenieur" issues State diplomas under the supervision of the Ministry of Education)

Main themes of research

Research is an essential activity for an institute of higher education and is closely tied not only to education, but also to the industrial and professional world.

Research domain include:


All together there are 45 PhD students at INT.

International and natianal relations

The INT is involved in different european projects, among others: COMETT, TEMPUS, ERASMUS, DELTA, Mobility and Human Ressources (for tne NLP group) etc.

Thanks to these projects and thanks to other connections (comrnon projects, researcher and teachers exchanges, student exchanges, workshops, etc) the INT is involved with the following countries: Germany, United Kindom, Belgium, Portugal, Spain, Greece, Italy, Russia, Poland, Hungaria, Usa, Japan.

Besides, INT is involved in the organization and the participation of differents seminars and conferences (COMIX, ...) Regarding NLP, the INT organizes together with the Universite Paris VII and the Universite Paris IV (Sorbonne) a regular seminar about "Logic, Linguistics, and computer Science.
(Responsible A. Potopoulou)


INT also host researchers and Professors as sabbatical.

Tools in NLP

Name: Institut national des telecommunications (INT)
Adress: 9, rue Charles Fourier
91011, Evry cedex
Telephone: +33(1)60764312/4302
Fax: +33(1)60764136
Contact: Prof. R GUEDJ, Dr Aggeliki FOTOPOULOU