The Institute for Applied Linguistics


The Institute for Applied Linguistics (IULA) at the Pompeu Fabra University is an institution devoted to technical and scientific research as well as to graduate training.

Within the area of Applied Linguistics there are a number of professional and scientific activities aimed at solving all kinds of communication and linguistic problems and at satisfying linguistic needs of institutions and individuals. The IULA works in two directions, which are fundamental research and creating tools and resources related to language applications.


The IULA is organized around the three activities carried out in it: research, teaching and management


The IULA programmes, plans and carries out several research projects, which are either financially supported by European, Spanish and Catalan institutions or sponsored by means of specific agreements with companies or institutions.

The fields in which research is currently being carried out at the IULA are:

In accordance with the guidelines set out in Catalonia's Research Plan for the creation of networks of research, a Thematic Network of Applied Linguistics is being coordinated in the IULA.

The IULA is also part of the Panlatin Commission of Terminology and member of the Termnet network and the Iberoamerican Network of Terminology (RITerm); it is also currently the headquarters of the of the RITerm Secretariat, whose tasks are those of coordinating, of gathering and giving information, and of keeping its members in contact with each other.

The IULA is part of a university network which develops computing resources for linguistics, which is taking part in the MLAP'94 European Community programme.


The IULA programmes, plans and coordinates the following graduate programmes:

The IULA Seminar is a forum of academic and scientific debate addressed to lecturers, which is held every week and aimed at researchers and postgraduates.

Every year the IULA organizes a series of lectures on subjects related to those being taught in the postgraduate courses; these lectures are held once a month and specialists of international renown take part in them.

The IULA takes part in the ERASMUS European programme of academic exchange, which aims at the mobility of PhD students.

The IULA takes part in the organization of the Summer School of Terminology, integrated in the interuniversity ERASMUS network of terminology, and which is due to begin in 1997.

The IULA also organizes permanent training courses, specialized courses and seminars, and it has teaching agreements with other institutions.


Within the management domain the three areas devoted to administration, teaching support and IULA research support are :


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