By its very existence, the POINTER Project has acted as a precursor for the creation of a large-scale operational infrastructure for terminology. Not only do the more than forty Consortium members represent in themselves a sizeable section of the terminology community in Europe, the Project has also allowed them to establish links with many other organisations. As the project draws to a close, there is a strong commitment among the partners in the Consortium to capitalising on this new quality of co-operative links (and expectations) that have been produced, with the aim of producing a widely accepted European terminology infrastructure. The key principles of such a solution are that it should integrate, facilitate and improve existing structures at all levels of activity. In other words, it should be based on a network-type structure and democratic principles - an important point given the dual function of terminology as a component of national languages (and hence of national language policy) and a multilingual, and hence European, resource. Its close and inevitable relationship with specialist knowledge also means that the infrastructure should ensure strong links with existing or planned organisations in related disciplines and other domains. Last but not least, any measures taken should facilitate and promote the emerging terminology resources and services industry without distorting the market.

In the light of the project's findings on the barriers to the creation and dissemination of high-quality resources, the main roles of the European Terminology Infrastructure can be defined as follows:

This section of the Final Report details the individual structures suggested, their goals and tasks, as well as identifying the specific measures necessary to achieve them. It is followed by Chap 6.2: "The European Terminology Infrastructure - Main Recommendations" which attempts to summarise, quantify and cost out the major recommendations made in this report.

The Terminology Resources and Services Market

Although market data is necessarily incomplete, the results of the POINTER Project clearly indicate that there is both a need and an increasingly large market for the following operative terminology services in Europe:

The POINTER Project has established that there is both a need and a market for the following operative terminology services in Europe:

Figure 6 : Terminology in Europe

In a large number of cases, these services will be provided in the immediate to medium-term future by freelances and small and medium-sized enterprises, either as their core business or as an adjunct to related offerings, such as translation, system consultancy, or information services. This is in keeping with the state of this new industry, and should be borne in mind when specifying particular support measures to promote the industry (in particular, the Commission should consider streamlining its Call for Proposal procedures for SMEs).

Potential customers for these services include:

The Terminology Infrastructure

National, Regional and International Levels

To be successful, any new European infrastructure must be composed of and work closely with relevant terminology organisations and structures at the national, regional and international levels. The latter should therefore be promoted where they already exist and created where they do not (mainly on the national level). Links to domain and sector structures at all levels must also be emphasised. Although building and maintaining such structures is not always the primary responsibility of the Commission, the latter should take an active role in influencing their creation, and in facilitating co-ordination between them and with the new European level.

More specifically, the following structures are needed:

National Level

Regional/Language Level

International Level

European Level

To achieve these objectives, we recommend the implementation (in the case of ELRA the concretisation) of the following structures:

Fig. 7 shows these structures and some of their potential interrelationships, while the following sections examine the individual components in more detail.

Figure 7 : The Proposed European Terminology Infrastructure
European Association for Terminology (EAFT)

In order to preserve the momentum and contacts developed during the POINTER Project, to promote the terminology profession as widely as possible within Europe, and to provide a permanent structure as an umbrella for future activities and organisations at a European level, we recommend that a European Association for Terminology be founded in the relatively near future. While its beginnings are likely to be informal and low-key, and structures should be kept to an absolute minimum, the Association should, given the appropriate and necessary funding, aim at meeting the following basic goals in the medium term:

Promotion of the Profession

Public Awareness

Terminology Forum ("Ideas Market")

European Terminology Conference


Liaison and Facilitation

Expert Advice

To ensure that no momentum is lost with the end of the POINTER Project, the Association should be founded at the beginning of 1996. As a first step, the members of the POINTER consortium, the POINTER Consultative Board and other leading figures in the industry should be invited to join. Subject to funding, a "Terminology Summit" comprising leading figures in the field (POINTER participants and others) could be held early in 1996 as a positioning exercise for the profession, an opportunity to discuss further activities after POINTER, and a launching point for the Association.

European Terminology Information Server (ETIS)

As the second part of its European infrastructure, the POINTER Consortium recommends the creation of a European Terminology Information Server dedicated to the provision of information on terminology and terminological activities. To do this, ETIS should be set up as a non-profit model designed to be self-financing (e.g. via subscriptions and pay per view schemes) in the medium term. A two-tier system of information services (i.e. basic "shareware" and value-added services) might well be possible, thus allowing the twin aims of wide dissemination and financial stability to be met. It must be made clear, however, that such a structure depends on start-up funding being made available by the Commission. In addition, specific funds must be made available for the initial creation of key information resources where these do not already exist. To ensure maximum synergy and to avoid unnecessary duplication of effort and redundant storage in all these areas, ETIS should also establish and maintain close links with ELRA, with the planned EAFT, and with national and regional focal points and centres for terminology.

Specific services to be provided by ETIS include the following:

On-line Information Services

Interactive Information/User Participation Schemes

Resource Observatory and Technology Watch

Information Catalogues and Registers

Terminology Resources

Quality Assurance and Validation

Tools and Technologies

Legal Framework

Training Information

Industry Information

ELRA Terminology College

The European Language Resources Association (ELRA) was founded in February 1995 and is the recipient of EU funds under the MLIS (MultiLingual Information Society) programme on a shared-cost basis. Established at the instigation of the European Commission with the active participation of the POINTER, PAROLE (corpora/lexica) and SPEECHDAT (speech data) projects in conjunction with the RELATOR project (A European Network of Repositories for Linguistic Resources), ELRA aims to validate and distribute European language resources that are offered to it for that purpose. In addition, it acts as a clearinghouse for information on language engineering, gathering data on market needs and providing high-quality advice to potential and actual funders, including the European Commission and national governments. Equally, it supports the development and application of standards and quality control measures and methodologies for developing electronic resources in the European languages. In time ELRA aims, in its own words, "to become the focal point for pressure in the creation of high-quality and innovative language resources in Europe".

The work started by the four European projects mentioned above will result in a nucleus of information which will be extended over time to produce a catalogue and library of resources, to be made available via a variety of different media. The Association's distribution unit ELDA (European Language resources Distribution Agency) will be active both within Europe and throughout the rest of the world, working either directly or through agents, as the local situation dictates. Profits from distribution activities (and indeed any other income) will be reinvested in the work of the Association, and used to encourage the creation of resources where there are gaps which are unlikely to be filled by normal economic forces within a reasonable time-scale.

For validation, an expert panel co-ordinated by the ELRA Board has been set up to oversee the development and implementation of the relevant models and procedures. The validation models developed must take account of the widely differing purposes - ranging from in-house experiments to for-profit publication - for which existing resources were developed. The focus will be on flexible and user-friendly systems, incorporating as much existing and on-going work in each of the three sectors - terminology, written resources and speech data - as possible. To this end, ELRA has specifically requested the collaboration of its members in the terminology sector, as well as other invited experts, to assist in the development of one or more validation models for terminology, also including the results of current and future projects at national and international level. The key objective is to publish a set of generic validation tools and methodologies which can be applied on a cross-sectoral, cross-application basis and tailored to meet individual sector-specific and language-specific requirements.

As well as creating its own validation and quality control methods and procedures in co-operation with the representatives of the three language resource sectors, ELRA will, of course, encourage the use of international standards in the products that it distributes. The Association's aim is not to reinvent the wheel but, on the contrary, to facilitate and promote existing initiatives wherever possible, while filling, or helping to fill, the gaps. Thus it will also stimulate and support the creation of appropriate standards where there is a need, working through bodies like EAGLES and the ISO committees.

The role of the Terminology College within ELRA is to:

These tasks should be performed in co-operation and co-ordination with the other Colleges within ELRA, where appropriate, with the EAFT and ETIS, with the existing or planned national focal points/institutions and with all other relevant organisations and projects.

To ensure that ELRA can perform its tasks successfully, the POINTER Consortium recommends that the Terminology College address the following measures:


Overview of Major Action Items

This Chapter gives a short overview of the major action items contained in the POINTER Final Report recommendations, together with some additional information about the appropriate actors, funders, cost, time frame and priorities.

The recommendations are listed according to the Chapter in which they appear; where a recommendation occurs more than once in the Report, it is listed under the main area in which it is treated. Nevertheless, since some recommendations are structural and some content-based, a certain amount of overlap is still inevitable.

All recommendations have been allotted a priority on a scale of 1 to 3, with 1 being the most and 3 the least urgent. Category 1 actions are those whose realisation within the timeframe given is considered vital to the establishment of a viable terminology infrastructure and market in Europe in accordance with the European Commission's objective of a multilingual information society. Category 2 recommendations will have a sizeable effect on the efficiency and effectiveness of this society, without actually being essential to its existence in the short term (although they may well influence its longer-term health), while Category 3 represents measures which can, if necessary, be tackled in the medium- to long-term as well, if necessary.

The following abbreviations are used:

CEC Commission of the European Communities

EAFT European Association for Terminology

EU European Union

ELDA European Language Resources Distribution Agency

ELRA European Language Resources Association

ETIS European Terminology Information Server

MLIS Multilingual Information Society

Chap Recommendation                  Goals               Benefits      Actor(s)         Funder(s)    Tot.       Time     Prio 
.                                                                                                    budget              rity  

2.1  Plan and implement a            The proactive,      Raised        a) POINTER       limited      Managem.   1996     1     
     Europe-wide awareness and       confident,          awareness of  members          self-funding Summary                   
     publicity campaign              well-argued                       (I-VIII)          (for Press  print run                 
     Specific measures should        promotion of the    a)            b) other         releases,    of 1,000                  
     include:                        benefits of         terminology   organisations    writing of   copies =                  
     Press releases on POINTER       terminology to the  and its       (I - e.g. RaDT   specialist      6 kECU                 
     results                         mainstream of       importance    release on       articles     Specialist                
     A 15-20 page management         business and        to            German aspects-  and small     Book =                   
     summary of the Final            society as a        communication VI, VIII), EAFT  print run    self-finan                
     Report/argumentation catalogue  whole.               and          (V, VI, VII -    of White     ced by                    
     Articles for the specialist     Encourage target    information   in long term),   Book);       publishers                
     Press                           groups to           management,   ELRA/ETIS        further      , effort                  
     Other specialist publications   implement           and           (VIII)           activities   provided                  
     (e.g. book, CEC publications)   terminology-related b) the                         depend on    by                        
     "Success stories" showing        activities         POINTER                        CEC or       authors                   
     benefits and importance of                          Project and                    other        PR                        
     terminology                                         its results.                   funding      campaigns                 
     More specific PR campaigns                          Industry                                    = 50 kECU                 
     targeting different groups,                         promotion                                   (planning,                
     e.g. senior and line                                                                             writing,                 
     management, domain                                                                              mail                      
     associations and experts,                                                                       shots),                   
     international bodies and                                                                        50 kECU                   
     language and communications                                                                     attendance                
     professionals (e.g. via                                                                         /publicity                
     mailshots, speaking at                                                                           at                       
     conferences, etc.).                                                                             conference                
     Mechanisms for collecting,                                                                      s, etc.)                  
     channelling and analysing                                                                                                 
     feedback from POINTER report                                                                                              
     and subsequent activities.                                                                                                
     Posting of relevant                                                                                                       
     information on WWW/other                                                                                                  
     on-line services                                                                                                          

Chap Recommendation                  Goals               Benefits      Actor(s)         Funder(s)    Tot.       Time     Prio 
.                                                                                                    budget              rity  

2.1  Ongoing liaison with            Raise awareness     Greater       National         To be                                  
     professional associations and   and recognition of  awareness of  centres, EAFT,   funded out                             
     interest groups in related      terminology and     need for      existing         of ongoing                             
     disciplines                     its importance to   terminology,  international    budgets                                
                                     relevant            improved      (e.g. TermNet,   (see also                              
                                     disciplines         terminology   GTW) and         recommen-dat                           
                                     create lasting      work,         regional actors  ions under                             
                                     co-operation and    improved                       Chapter                                
                                     co-ordination       contacts      (see also        6.1)                                   
                                     mechanisms                        recommen-dations                                        
                                                                        under Chapter                                          

2.1/ Support for existing academic   Improve awareness   Better        Academic/        Largely      c. 25      medium-t 1     
     and vocational training         and standard of     terminology   vocational       self-finance kECU for   erm            
4.5/ programmes in the fundamentals  terminology and     and           training         d -          full                      
     of (concept-oriented)           terminology work    terminology   institutions,    EAFT/ETIS/EL pilot                     
5.2  terminology theory and good     among main          work          in-house         RA           project                   
     practice. Gaps and weaknesses   creators and users                departments,     activities                             
     should be remedied. Target      of terminology                    EAFT (as         to be                                  
     groups include novice domain                                      co-ordinator     financed                               
     experts, domain teaching                                          and catalyst),   out of                                 
     staff, technical writers,                                         ETIS and ELRA    ongoing                                
     translators, and information                                      (information     budgets,                               
     scientists.                                                       services), plus  CEC or                                 
                                                                       e.g. IITF        other                                  
                                                                                        funding for                            
                                                                                        s possible                             
                                                                                        (e.g. as                               
                                                                                        part of                                
                                                                                        fic R&D                                

2.1/ Promotion and provision of      Skills transfer     Enabling of   Academic/        Largely                          1     
     practical training in the use                       users/creator vocational       self-financi                           
5.2  of terminology management                           s             training         ng/self-fina                           
     systems and other tools.                                          institutions,    nced,                                  
                                                                       in-house         information                            
                                                                       departments,     services to                            
                                                                       EAFT, ETIS,      come out of                            
                                                                       national         ongoing                                
                                                                       centres etc. as  budgets                                

Chap Recommendation                  Goals               Benefits      Actor(s)         Funder(s)    Tot.       Time     Prio 
.                                                                                                    budget              rity  

2.2  Establishment within EAFT of a  Knowledge and       Professionali EAFT, national   Self-finance c. 5 kECU  1997-199 1-2   
     Europe-wide professional        skills transfer     -sation of    centres,         d (EAFT      p.a.       8              
     support, experience transfer                        emerging      academic/        budget)                                
     and training network for                            industry;     vocational                                              
     terminology services providers                      improved      training                                                
     (EAFT Interest Group )                              chances of    institutions.                                           

2.2  Development and promotion of    Transfer of basic   Professionali Private sector,  Largely      c. 25      1997     1     
     business and management skills  business training   -sation of    academic/        self-finance kECU for                  
     training schemes for            skills              emerging      vocational       d -          model                     
     terminology creators                                industry;     training         EAFT/ETIS/EL develop-me                
                                                         improved      institutions,    RA           nt, c. 10                 
                                                         chances of    EAFT/ETIS/ELRA   activities   kECU for                  
                                                         success       as market        to be        pilot                     
                                                                       multipliers.     financed     course                    
                                                                                        out of                                 

2.2  Development and promotion of    Create awareness    Awareness/    EAFT (if         CEC should   c. 200     1997-199 1     
     consistent, coherent,           of economic         acceptance    founded and      make         kECU (=    8              
     comprehensive and easily        significance of     of            active in        available    c. 1.5                    
     applied generic costing,        terminology,        terminology   time), national  short-term   man years                 
     pricing and cost-benefit        provide mechanism   as true       centres,         research/    plus c.                   
     models                          for decision        resource and  private          development  20 kECU                   
                                     making              economic      consultants,     grants       publi-shin                
                                                         factor        domain experts,               g and                     
                                                                       etc.                          promotion                 

2.2/ Implementation (development or  ditto               Facilitation  ELDA             ELDA grant   ELRA       1997-200 1     
     selection) of a reliable and                        of                                          Distributi 0              
4.3  secure billing system for                           terminology                                 on Panel                  
     on-line language resources                          distribution                                is                        
     within ELDA                                                                                     currently                 

Chap Recommendation                  Goals               Benefits      Actor(s)         Funder(s)    Tot.       Time     Prio 
.                                                                                                    budget              rity  

2.2  Development of corporate        Mechanism for       Information   ELRA/            ELRA grant,  c. 100     1997-8   1     
     terminology audit               documenting and     on existing   EAFT (catalysts  EAFT, CEC    kECU (=                   
     methodologies                   evaluating          termi-nologic and              funding for  10 man                    
                                     existing in-house   al            facilitators),   pilot if     months                    
                                     terminology         re-sources,   national         necessary    and                       
                                     resources           aware-ness/   centres,                      publicatio                
                                                         acceptance    private                       n costs)                  
                                                         of            consultants                                             
                                                         as true                                                               
                                                         resource and                                                          

2.2  Production of terminology       Reliable market     Provide       ETIS, EAFT,      Relevant     c. 200     1997-199 1     
     market research studies,        data                basis for     ELRA, national   actors       kECU for   8              
     including surveys on pricing                        future        centres,                      set of                    
                                                         activities,   private                       basic                     
                                                         promotion of  consultants and               surveys                   
                                                         emerging      suppliers                                               

2.3/ Concerted, ongoing,             Elaboration and     Removal of    ELRA, EAFT,      ongoing                                
     cross-sectoral action to solve  harmonisation of    legal         IMPRIMATUR,      work                                   
2.2  IPR and product liability       national            uncertainty   professional     self-finance                           
     problems.                       legislation and     which is one  lawyers, CEC     d; CEC to                              
                                     regulations in the  of main       (facilitator)    support                                
                                     areas of IPR, and   obstacles to                   conferences,                           
                                     product liability.  distribution                    etc.                                  
                                                         of resources                                                          

2.3. Provision of legal expertise    Harmonisation of    Effective     Domain experts;  Individual   project-sp project- 2     
     and support services for        technical and       resource      CEC              projects     ecific     specific       
     projects set up to design/      legal solutions.    distribution, (facilitator/    (e.g. ELRA)             , but          
     implement the technological                          removal of   signatory to                             c.             
     infrastructure for                                  uncertainty   R&D contracts)                           1996-200       
     distributing linguistic data.                                                                              0              

Chap Recommendation                  Goals               Benefits      Actor(s)         Funder(s)    Tot.       Time     Prio 
.                                                                                                    budget              rity  

2.3  Dissemination of the results    Rapid knowledge     Removal of    ELRA/            Relevant     self-finan project- 2     
     of IPR measures plus other      transfer            legal         EAFT/ETIS/nation institutions -cing;     specific       
     relevant legal information to                       uncertainty   al centres,       (ongoing    some       , but          
     as wide an audience as                              which is one  etc.             budgets)     additional c.             
     possible.                                           of main                                      funds     1996-200       
                                                         obstacles to                                may be     0              
                                                         distribution                                needed                    
                                                         of resources                                for                       

2.3  Development and promotion of    Sound, uniform      Professionali ELRA, EAFT,      ELRA budget  c. 10      1996     1     
     specimen contracts for the      basis for           -sation of    Infoterm,                     kECU                      
     creation and (on-line)          activities          activities,   national                                                
     dissemination of multilingual,                      removal of    centres, etc.                                           
     multi-domain and multimedia                         uncertainty                                                           
     terminology at a European                                                                                                 

2.3  Completion and dissemination    Sound, uniform      Professionali Infoterm, ELRA,  ELRA budget  c. 5 kECU  1996     1     
     of Infoterm's "Guide to         basis for           -sation of    EAFT             (ELRA is                               
     Terminology Agreements          activities          acti-vities,                   currently                              
     (including code of good                             removal of                     examining                              
     practice)                                           uncertainty                    this)                                  

2.3  The KnowRight Conference first  Regular discussion  Knowledge     KnowRight        KnowRight    50 kECU    Every 2  2     
     held in Vienna in 1995 should   and dissemination   transfer,     organisers       backers;                years          
     take place on a regular basis   of                  faster        (ELRA should     participants                           
     as an international,            state-of-the-art    solutions     consider                                                
     multidisciplinary IPR ideas     solutions,                        becoming a                                              
     market. (The next Conference    consensus-building                co-sponsor)                                             
     is envisaged for Summer 1997                                                                                              
     together with IFIP World                                                                                                  
     Congress in Vienna).                                                                                                      

2.3  Ongoing monitoring of           Two-way knowledge   Creation of   IMPRIMATUR,      Individual   c. 5 kECU  Ongoing  2     
     developments in the computing   transfer,           solutions     ELRA, EAFT       projects                               
     and telecommunications fields   influencing of      appropriate                    (ongoing                               
     for their effect on the legal   process             to                             budgets)                               
     aspects of terminology                              terminology                                                           
     creation, ownership and                                                                                                   

Chap Recommendation                  Goals               Benefits      Actor(s)         Funder(s)    Tot.       Time     Prio 
.                                                                                                    budget              rity  

2.3  Examination of the              Easily understood,  Removal of    ELRA plus        ELRA         c. 50      1996-7   1     
     applicability and implications  reliable report     uncertainty   appropriate      budget; if   kECU                      
     of product liability            and set of          current       experts          necessary,                             
     legislation to information      guidelines for      affecting                      additional                             
     products and services in        users and           resources                      CEC funding                            
     Europe, resulting in the        producers as a      users and                                                             
     production and dissemination    basis for further   producers                                                             
     of concrete guidelines on how   action                                                                                    
     to reduce product liability in                                                                                            

3.1/ Provision of advanced,          Effective, uniform  Increased     Academic and     Relevant     50         medium-t 3     
     customisable vocational         on-the-job          awareness     voca-tional      bodies                  erm            
5.2  training opportunities on a     training            and           institutions,                                           
     cross-border basis                                  professionali private                                                 
                                                         -sation of    consultants,                                            
                                                         terminology   national                                                
                                                         work          centres,                                                

3.1/ Expansion of "International     Include areas not   Full          Current "Who's   Current      50 kECU +  1998     2     
     Who's Who in Translation &      curren-tly          overview in   Who" Consortium  funders      20                        
2.1  Terminology", World Guide to    covered, e.g.       one volume    -Union Latine,                publishing                
     Terminological Activities and   standar-disation,   of players    Praetorius,                                             
     Language Engineering Directory  nomenclature,       in all        International                                           
                                     documentary         relevant      Where+How                                               
                                     languages and       areas of      Infoterm                                                
                                     other related       profession                                                            

3.1  Promotion of awareness that     Combination of      High-quality  EAFT, national   Relevant     Minimal    1997     2     
     terminology projects need be    relevant domain     terminology,  centres (as      bodies       or                        
     performed by interdisciplinary  and linguistic      increased     catalysts),                   project-re                
     teams of terminologists and     skills in           awareness     public and                    lated                     
     domain experts                  terminology                       private                       (e.g.                     
                                     creation and                      sectors, CEC,                 inclusion                 
                                     terminography                     standards                     as clause                 
                                                                       bodies, etc.                  in                        
                                                                                                      as part                  
                                                                                                     and Code                  
                                                                                                     of Good                   

Chap Recommendation                  Goals               Benefits      Actor(s)         Funder(s)    Tot.       Time     Prio 
.                                                                                                    budget              rity  

3.2  Implementation of pilot         Demonstrate the     Reusable,     Private and      CEC and      Project-de 1997-199 2     
     terminology                     efficiency and      uniform       public sectors,  national     pendent    8              
     creation/terminography          cost-effectiveness  resources,    national         bodies                                 
     projects in high-visibility     of proactive        improved      centres, etc.,                                          
     innovative areas, e.g.          terminology work    communication CEC and                                                 
     environment, if possible                                          national bodies                                         
     including Eastern Europe.                                         (as catalysts)                                          

3.2/ Creation/distribution of        Provision of        Preservation  National         Self-finance Language-d 1996-200 1     
     national language resources,    adequate range of   of            centres,         , plus some  ependent   0              
4.2/ such as machine-readable        high-quality basic  linguistic    private sector,  de-gree of                             
     dictionaries in general and     resources for all   and cultural  research         CEC/                                   
4.3  special languages, for various  application types   heritage,     institutions,    national                               
     applications (human                                 basis for     etc., CEC and    public                                 
     translation, machine                                further       national         funding                                
     translation, technical                              research,     governments      (seed                                  
     writing, computer-based                             commercial    (catalysts,      money,                                 
     language teaching and                               exploitation, co-funders)      partial                                
     training, etc.)                                      promotion                     subsidy or                             
                                                         of emerging                    full                                   
                                                         LE industry                    funding, as                            

3.3. Terminology resources audit on  Catalogue of ways   Rapid         EU               CEC (not     c. 120     1997     2     
     all willing EU institutions.    in which            distribution  institutions,    currently    kECU plus                 
     Building on work already        terminology         of existing   ELRA (if         in ELRA      internal                  
     performed by the relevant       discovered can be   terminology,  desired)         budget)      institutio                
     institutions themselves (e.g.   made available for  strengthening                               n                         
     in EURAMIS), this project       reuse in the short   of EU's                                    resources                 
     should explicitly examine the   to medium term      internal                                                              
     potential that the                                  resources                                                             
     institutions, specialist                                                                                                  
     agencies and other European                                                                                               
     bodies have for adding                                                                                                    
     resources and hence value to                                                                                              
     their larger and more general                                                                                             
     collections (both on-line and                                                                                             
     off-line).  Both (EU)-internal                                                                                            
     and external distribution                                                                                                 
     should be considered.  The                                                                                                
     work performed should bear in                                                                                             
     mind current strategic                                                                                                    
     thinking and plans for all                                                                                                
     aspects of terminology and                                                                                                
     terminology work within the EU                                                                                            

Chap Recommendation                  Goals               Benefits      Actor(s)         Funder(s)    Tot.       Time     Prio 
.                                                                                                    budget              rity  

3.3/ Further consolidation and       Consolidated,       Further       CEC, EU          CEC/other    c. 100     1996     2     
     validation of contents of       validated           strengthening institutions,    EU           kECU per   onwards        
4.3  EURODICAUTOM, including         contents, rapid      of EU's      contractors,     institutions CD-ROM;                   
     solution of outstanding         distribution of     internal      domain experts   , external   c. 500                    
     copyright/reusability           existing            resources     and              copyright/   kECU for                  
     questions, compilation of       terminology         and           associations,    resource     web                       
     sub-bases of general and                            services,     resource         holders, as  access                    
     specific interest, and                              facilitation  owners,          appropriate                            
     facilitation of access to                           of external   standards                                               
     consolidated contents using                         distribution  bodies, etc.                                            
     the Internet and WWW.                                                                                                     

3.3  Disseminate the results of      Provision of        Knowledge     EU               Institutions 50 kECU    ongoing, 3     
     significant EU terminology      reference models    transfer      institutions,     to cover                once          
     projects (resources, models,    and success         (major users  ELRA, EAFT,      production              ELDA           
     information, etc.) to a wider   stories, better     already       etc.             and                     function       
     audience                        information flow    facing many                    publishing              al             
                                     and understanding   of problems                    costs, ELRA                            
                                     of role of EU       to be solved                   and EAFT                               
                                     institutions        in                             distribution                           
                                                         implementatio                   budgets                               
                                                         n of                                                                  

3.3  Regular publication of          Rapid access to     Knowledge     EU               self-financi 30 kECU    1996     3     
     information on EU terminology   information about   transfer      institutions;    ng                      onwards        
     activities (e.g. via            activities and                    ELRA/                                                   
     "Terminologie et Traduction,"   resources                         EAFT/                                                   
     ELRA, EAFT, ETIS)                                                 ETIS (ongoing                                           

3.3  Requirement that all future     Uniform basis for   Increased     CEC (as R&D      Project      Project-sp 1996     1     
     CEC-funded terminology          terminology work    quality and   programmes       funders      ecific     onwards        
     projects conform to POINTER                         of work,      issuer)                                                 
     recommendations and future                          better                                                                
     ELRA/EAFT guidelines                                co-ordination                                                         
                                                          of effort                                                            

Chap Recommendation                  Goals               Benefits      Actor(s)         Funder(s)    Tot.       Time     Prio 
.                                                                                                    budget              rity  

4.1  Create and promote guidelines   Wider and better    Improved      ELRA, national   Relevant     c. 30      1996-7   1-2   
     for (specifically               use of appropriate  quality of    centres, EAFT    budgets      kECU for                  
     multilingual) terminology       methodologies for   multilingual                                draft                     
     resource creation and           (multilingual)      resources                                   guidelines                
     evaluation in both producer     terminology                                                     , c 30                    
     and user communities, e.g. via  resource creation                                               kECU for                  
     specialist articles,            and maintenance                                                 agreement,                
     publications, training                                                                           c. 50                    
     programs, workshops, etc..                                                                      kECU for                  
     The guidelines should build on                                                                  promotion                 
     existing standards and on the                                                                                             
     work already performed during                                                                                             
     POINTER and by other groups,                                                                                              
     e.g. COTSOWES                                                                                                             

4.1/ Focus public and private        Reutilisation of    Speed,        All funders and  Relevant     Project-sp 1996     3     
     sector funding on improvement   existing            quality,      decision-makers, bodies       ecific     onwards        
2.1  of existing good-quality        high-quality        harmonisation  including CEC                                          
     monolingual resources (e.g.     resources as a                                                                            
     specialist                      basis for rapid                                                                           
     glossaries/dictionaries/texts)  provision of                                                                              
     as the starting point for the   high-quality                                                                              
     creation of multilingual        multilingual                                                                              
     resources                       resources                                                                                 

4.1  Promote greater inclusion of    Creation/documentat More rapid    All relevant     Relevant     Project-sp 1996     3     
     neologisms in resources, e.g.   ion of innovative   provision of  players, e.g.    bodies       ecific     onwards        
     via integration                 resources,          up-to-date    national         (self-financ                           
     of/co-operation with R&D        reduction in        resources,    centres,         ing from                               
     institutions and departments,   synonymy            clearer       private          general                                
     special neologism centres,                          communication services         budget),                               
     etc.  The precise mechanisms                                      suppliers,       specific                               
     adopted will obviously depend                                     ELRA; EAFT       projects                               
     on context- (e.g.                                                                                                         
     language-/country-) specific                                                                                              
     issues, but it is important to                                                                                            
     ensure that resources are as                                                                                              
     up-to-date as possible                                                                                                    

4.1  Promote creation/distribution   Rapid provision of  Easier        ELRA,            ELRA                                   
     of high-quality                 large body of       distribution, terminology      budget,                                
     machine-readable multilingual   machine-readable     updating,    owners,          relevant                               
     resources (i.e. resources       multilingual        etc.          national         organisation                           
     offering terms a large number   terminology                       centres,          budgets.                              
     of languages, as opposed to     resources                         academic and                                            
     perhaps two or three).                                            vocational                                              
                                                                       consultants and                                         
                                                                       suppliers, etc.                                         

Chap Recommendation                  Goals               Benefits      Actor(s)         Funder(s)    Tot.       Time     Prio 
.                                                                                                    budget              rity  

4.1  Expand institutional            Develop these       Preservation  CEC              CEC plus                               
     recognition and support from    languages           of                             national                               
     the EU for the promotion of     systematically for  linguistic                     and                                    
     officially recognised minority  modern              and cultural                   regional                               
     languages.                      communication at    diver-sity,                    governments                            
                                     the workplace.      knowledge                                                             

4.1  Subsidise creation of on-line   Provision of        Knowledge     CEC, national    National     Project-   1996     2     
     terminology resources where     machine-readable    transfer,     government,      and CEC      and        onwards        
     market mechanisms insufficient  terminology         preservation  ELRA/            funding      language-d                
     (e.g. lesser-used languages,    resources           of            EAFT (as                      ependent                  
     small domains).                                     linguistic    advisors)                                               
                                                         and cultural                                                          

4.1  Encourage minority-language     ditto               ditto         CEC              General      Project-   1996     2     
     groups to participate in                                                           pro-gramme   and        onwards        
     EU-funded programmes for                                                           bud-gets,    language-d                
     linguistic resources                                                               plus         ependent                  
     development, R & D programmes                                                      addi-tional                            
     related to terminology,                                                            funds, if                              
     multilingual terminology                                                           necessary                              
     projects, etc.                                                                                                            

4.1  In the area of Social           Rapid provision of  Knowledge     CEC, other       CEC          c. 300                    
     Protection and Labour Law:      high-quality,       transfer,     European                      kECU                      
     Create comprehensive            harmonised          clearer       institutions,                                           
     monolingual (and subsequently   multilingual        communication national                                                
     multilingual) European          terminology in key                centres,                                                
     terminology for the area,       area                              private sector                                          
     ensuring the close                                                                                                        
     co-operation of the relevant                                                                                              
     European administrations,                                                                                                 
     particularly DG V and                                                                                                     
     EUROSTAT, and domain experts                                                                                              
     Compilation of national                                                                                                   
     inventories and definition of                                                                                             
     fundamental concepts in all                                                                                               
     countries and languages of the                                                                                            
     European Union, based on a                                                                                                
     multilingual database of                                                                                                  
     common concepts                                                                                                           

Chap Recommendation                  Goals               Benefits      Actor(s)         Funder(s)    Tot.       Time     Prio 
.                                                                                                    budget              rity  

4.1  Create a vendor-neutral         Network,            Co-ordination IT&T players     Self-financi 10         1996     2     
     European information            information          and greater  (terminologists  ng                      onwards        
     technology and                  services,           efficiency    and domain                                              
     telecommunications terminology  evaluation and      of            experts), in                                            
     network offering                distribution        terminology   co-operation                                            
     sector-specific information on  mechanisms          work in the   with EAFT,                                              
     terminology work and, in the                        sector        ELDA, standards                                         
     longer term, a mechanism for                                      bodies, etc.                                            
     evaluating and distributing                                                                                               
     IT&T terminology                                                                                                          

4.1  Encourage trans-departmental    Ongoing             Co-ordination Network (as      Self-financi Project-sp 1996     2     
     and trans-company co-operation  co-operation         of           catalyst),       ng           ecific     onwards        
     within the IT&T sector          mechanisms          activities,   relevant                                                
                                                         reduction in  organisations                                           

4.1  Encourage terminology creation  High-quality        ditto         CEC (as R&D      CEC,         Project-sp 1996     2     
     and terminography for the IT&T  multilingual IT&T                 programme        relevant     ecific     onwards        
     sector within European          terminology                       funder)          IT&T                                   
     linguistic programmes                                                              organisa-tio                           

4.1  In the area of the              Creation of         High-quality  EEA, national    CEC,         Project-sp 1996     2     
     Environment,:                   high-quality        resources,    environmental    national     ecific     onwards        
     Reutilisation for               terminology         co-ordination bodies, domain   bodies,                                
     terminological purposes of the                       between      experts,         etc.                                   
     considerable number of                              actors,       services                                                
     high-quality technical                              reduction in  suppliers,                                              
     standards in the area of the                        effort        etc., CEC (as                                           
     environment.                                                      R&D programme                                           
     Thesaurus development and                                         funder)                                                 
     terminology work should be                                                                                                
     carried out in close                                                                                                      
     co-operation in the future. to                                                                                            
     organise the future work in                                                                                               
     networks with supplementary                                                                                               
     Improve user training                                                                                                     
     Make it possible for the                                                                                                  
     European Environment Agency to                                                                                            
     play an active role in                                                                                                    
     connection with the planning                                                                                              
     and co-ordination of                                                                                                      
     terminology work on the                                                                                                   
     European level.                                                                                                           

Chap Recommendation                  Goals               Benefits      Actor(s)         Funder(s)    Tot.       Time     Prio 
.                                                                                                    budget              rity  

4.2  Promotion and publication of    Resource            Knowledge     EAFT, national   Relevant     Project-sp 1996     2     
     methods by which users can      availability        transfer,     centres,         budgets      ecific     onwards        
     easily compile/access/update                        basis for     academic and                                            
     corpora, including access to                        further       vocational                                              
     the relevant tools.                                 research/     training                                                
                                                         commercialise institutions,                                           
                                                         d results     etc.                                                    

4.2  Development of methods and                          Improved      Research         Possibility  Project-sp 1996     3     
     tools to allow                                      access to     institutions,    of CEC       ecific     onwards        
     concept-oriented input into                         sources       Infoterm,        funding                                
     and retrieval of information                        lea-ding to   private sector,  (via R&D                               
     from terminology databases,                         impro-ved     CEC              programmes)                            
     based on existing work.                             terminology                                                           

4.2/ Promotion, dissemination and    Widespread use of   Improved      Existing bodies  Self-funding c. 10      1996     2     
     further development/            standard            quality and   and              , plus CEC   kECU per   onwards        
4.3  harmonisation of existing       guidelines          efficiency    initiatives,     funding      workshop                  
     rules and guidelines for                            of            e.g. COT-SOWES,  where                                  
     terminology creation and                            terminology   GTW, ISO TC/37,  necessary                              
     terminology work, e.g. via PR                       work and      plus EAFT,       (e.g.                                  
     activities, workshops, working                      terminology   ELRA, national   specific                               
     parties, etc.                                                     centres, etc.    workshops                              

4.2/ Terminology distribution        Adequate            Improved      ELRA, ETIS,      Ongoing      c. 50      1996     3     
     channels should develop         distribution to     quality       national         budgets,     kECU for   onwards        
4.3  specific mechanisms to meet     this group, which                 centres,         plus CEC     pilot                     
     the needs of SMEs, including    traditionally                     networks, etc.,  (via         project                   
     support and consultancy         lacks                             CEC (pilot       relevant                               
     services.                       resources/skills                  projects)        programmes)                            

4.2  Support for terminology         Facilitate          Cost-effectiv EAFT, national   CEC funding  100        1997     3     
     interchange formats that focus  interchange of      eness,        centres, public  for                     onwards        
     on the linguistic features and  terminology         time-to-marke and private      awareness/                             
     knowledge content of the        databases amongst   t, coverage   sector, etc.     promotion                              
     individual terms and of         a variety of users                                                                        
     terminology databases           and among diverse                                                                         
     standards (cf. MARTIF, the EU   applications (e.g.                                                                        
     projects TRANSTERM, MULTILEX,   word processing,                                                                          
     EUREKA, GENELEX, and the        MT systems)                                                                               
     Canadian COGNITERM)                                                                                                       

Chap Recommendation                  Goals               Benefits      Actor(s)         Funder(s)    Tot.       Time     Prio 
.                                                                                                    budget              rity  

4.2  Archiving and presentation of   Reutilisation of    Improved and  ELRA, relevant   Relevant     20         1997     3     
     the results of EU-funded R&D    research results    increased     projects, CEC    budgets,                onwards        
     projects such as MULTILEX,                          implementatio if necessary     plus                                   
     GENELEX, MARTIF, MULTEXT, and                       n of                           additional                             
     TRANSTERM in a manner that is                       findings                       CEC                                    
     comprehensible to termi-nology                                                     funding, if                            
     and lexical resource                                                               necessary                              

4.2  Increase level of awareness of  Improved standards  Reutilisation EAFT, ELRA,      Self-financi c. 20      1996     3     
     and training in terminology     of specialist        of           national         ng; CEC      kECU for   onwards        
     among dictionary publishers     dictionaries,       resources,    bodies, private  (e.g. for    workshops                 
                                     improved ability    time-to-marke sector, etc.     workshop)                              
                                     to reuti-lise       t                                                                     

4.2  Inclusion of material on the                                      Appropriate      Self-finance 5          1996     3     
     LSP phraseology of special                                        authors/         d                       onwards        
     language in curricula and                                         teachers/                                               
     textbooks for professional and                                    institutions                                            
     academic training.                                                                                                        

4.3  Promotion of collaboration                          Cost-effectiv national         CEC (via     c. 100                    
     between lexica and corpora                          eness,        centres,         R&D          kECU for                  
     communities and terminology                         synergy       private sector,  programmes)  joint,                    
     community for exploiting                            effects,      etc. in close                 closely                   
     Internet resources.                                 faster        co-operation                  monitored                 
                                                         provision of  with relevant                 projects                  
                                                         more and      domain bodies,                                          
                                                         better        ELRA, ETIS                                              

4.3  Promote awareness and           Skills transfer,    Promotion of  EAFT, ELRA,      EAFT,        10         1996     2     
5.2  knowledge of, and access to,    creation of         emerging      national         national                onwards        
     global communications networks  "critical mass" of  MLIS          centres,         centres,                               
     among terminologists.           users and                         academic and     academic                               
                                     resources                         vocational       and                                    
                                                                       training         vocational                             
                                                                       institutions,    training                               
                                                                       CEC (for pilot   institutions                           
                                                                       projects, if     , CEC (via                             
                                                                       necessary)       R&D                                    

Chap Recommendation                  Goals               Benefits      Actor(s)         Funder(s)    Tot.       Time     Prio 
.                                                                                                    budget              rity  

4.3/ Solve security issues           Creation and        Basis for     ELRA (for ELDA   private      25         1996     1     
     associated with use of global   implementation of   distribution  and as a forum)  sector, CEC             onwards        
5.1  networks                        appropriate models  of            IT&T sector,     (via R&D                               
                                                         terminology   terminology      programme)                             
                                                         in practice   tools and        if                                     
                                                                       services         necessary                              
                                                                       suppliers, CEC                                          
                                                                       R&D programmes                                          
                                                                       if necessary                                            

4.3/ Ensure that the MARTIF          Widespread use of   Basis for     ISO              Relevant     5          1996     1     
     standard is published in 1996,  interchange         practical     (publication),   bodies                                 
5.1  and encourage its widespread    standard, and       interchange   ISO, national                                           
     implementation                  implementation      activities    standards                                               
                                                         and further   bodies, EAFT,                                           
                                                         standards     ELRA, etc.                                              
                                                         development   (promotion)                                             

4.3  Develop a user-friendly         "MARTIF Light"      Facilitation  Ad hoc           Participants c. 30      1996     1     
     "MARTIF Light" tool oriented    exchange tool       of            user/develo-per               kECU                      
     towards end-user use as a                           widespread    working party                                           
     matter of urgency                                   interchange   including                                               
                                                         in practice   representa-tives                                        
                                                                        of ISO TC                                              
                                                                       12200 and TC                                            

4.3/ Evaluate and elaborate methods  Workable solutions  Improved      Research         Ongoing      30         1996     2     
     and processes for interchange   for legacy          interchange-a institutions,    initiatives             onwards        
4.2  solutions for existing          databases           bility for    private sector,  (e.g.                                  
     databases (e.g. MARTIF, SGML,                       existing      CEC (as R&D      MARTIF);                               
     hypertext, semantic and                             databases     programme        CEC if                                 
     thesaurus-based approaches)                                       funder)          necessary                              

4.3  Development and promotion of    ditto               Improved      Terminology      CEC (via     50         1996     3     
     retrieval systems to allow                          access to     owners,          R&D                     onwards        
     navigation through                                  and           research         programmes),                           
     heterogeneous terminology                           utilisation   institutions,     other                                 
     databases.                                          of existing   tools            public and                             
                                                         information   providers, as    private                                
                                                                       appropriate      funding                                

Chap Recommendation                  Goals               Benefits      Actor(s)         Funder(s)    Tot.       Time     Prio 
.                                                                                                    budget              rity  

4.3/ Promote the reutilisation of    Make such           Accessibility ELRA             Relevant     100 kECU   1996     3     
     existing high-quality           resources            of existing  (distributor),   bodies       for joint  onwards        
4.2  resources outside the           accessible,         resources     private sector,               projects                  
     immediate field of              improved knowledge  currently     services                                                
     terminology, such as thesauri   and reutilisation   not           providers,                                              
     and corpora, as source          of resources,       available,    research                                                
     material for terminological     collaboration with  time-to-marke institutions,                                           
     processing (e.g. by making      the information     t,            Infoterm                                                
     them more widely known)         retrieval           harmonisation (thesaurus                                              
                                     community                         referral centre                                         
                                                                       in FID and ISO)                                         

4.3  Provision of access at                                            ELRA, resource   Self-financi 10                        
     European level to national                                        providers,       ng, (some                              
     databases and other resources.                                    on-line service  start-up                               
                                                                       providers, etc.  financing                              
                                                                                        from EU or                             
                                                                                        may be                                 

4.4  Adherence to the ISO rules and  Widespread use of   Increased     ISO, CEN/        Relevant     10         1996     2     
     ISO TC/37 standards for the     existing            quality,      CENELEC, other   bodies                  onwards        
     preparation and layout of       rules/standards     harmonisation standards                                               
     terminology standards at all                                      bodies                                                  
     levels of standardisation                                                                                                 

4.4  Organisation, co-ordination     Improved            ditto         CEC (to issue a  ISO, CEC,    c. 30      1996     2     
     and publication of results of   harmonisation,                    mandate for      CEN/         kECU       onwards        
     terminology standardisation     reduced effort                    European side);  CENELEC,                               
     between the international and                                     ISO TC/37,       national                               
     the European levels, and among                                    Infoterm or      standards                              
     the various terminology                                           other            bodies                                 
     standardising working groups                                      appropriate                                             
     at European and national level                                    body to act as                                          
     (including continued                                              referral centre                                         
     publication of Infoterm's                                                                                                 
     "Bibliography of Standardised                                                                                             

Chap Recommendation                  Goals               Benefits      Actor(s)         Funder(s)    Tot.       Time     Prio 
.                                                                                                    budget              rity  

4.4  Organisation and co-ordination  Harmonisation and   ditto         ISO TC/37,       Relevant     10         1996     2     
     of prenormative research and    streamlining of                   Infoterm, GTW,   bodies                  onwards        
     development, with respect to:   activities,                       ELRA, EAFT,                                             
     Standardised terminological     reduced effort,                   EAGLES,                                                 
     principles and methods.         time to market                    national                                                
     Standardisation of new                                            centres,                                                
     application aspects.                                              national                                                
     Standardisation of                                                standards                                               
     terminologies.                                                    bodies, etc.                                            

4.4  Implementation of research and  Process             Time-to-marke ISO, CEN/        ISO, CEN/    50         1996     2     
     development projects to         automation,         t, reduced    CENELEC,         CENELEC,                onwards        
     develop:                        distributed         costs         national         national                               
     Tools and methodologies to      working                           standards        standards                              
     support the preparation of                                        bodies, tools    bodies,                                
     standards having a strong                                         providers        possibly                               
     terminology component.                                                             some CEC                               
     Tools and methodologies to                                                         funding via                            
     support co-operative and                                                           R&D                                    
     distributed terminology                                                            programmes                             
     standardisation work.                                                                                                     
     Integration of terminological                                                                                             
     support in workflow systems,                                                                                              

4.4  Implement a medium-term         Tools and           Achieve       Academic and     CEC funding  3 mECU     1996     2     
     collaborative project to        methodologies for   signi-ficant  industrial       via R&D      over 3     onwards        
     develop tools and               the application of  increase in   actors from all  programmes,  years                     
     methodologies for developing    concept-oriented    reusability   LR sectors,      other                                  
     concept-oriented prototypes.    ordering and        of            with support     public and                             
                                     retrieval systems   terminologica from EAFT and    private                                
                                                         l and other   ELRA             funding                                

4.4  Training of terminologists and  Basic training for  Improved      ISO, CEN/        ISO, CEN/    c. 200     1996     1     
     domain experts active in the    all concerned       quality of    CENELEC,         CENELEC,     kECU       onwards        
     standardisation of                                  terminology   national         national                               
     terminologies in terminology                        and           standards        standards                              
     methods, tools and project                          terminology   bodies,          bodies                                 
     management for terminology                          work          academic and                                            

Chap Recommendation                  Goals               Benefits      Actor(s)         Funder(s)    Tot.       Time     Prio 
.                                                                                                    budget              rity  

4.5. Promotion of quality            Basic               Improved      EAFT, academic   Largely      Activity-s 1996     1     
     management in terminological    understanding of    quality of    and vocational   self-financi pecific    onwards        
     resource creation and           importance of       terminology   training         ng                                     
     improvement, e.g. via training  approach            and           institutions,    (included                              
     schemes, awareness campaign                         terminology   national         in other                               
                                                         work          centres, ETIS,   recom-mendat                           
                                                                       ELRA, standards  ions)                                  
                                                                       bodies (a                                               
                                                                       standard is in                                          

4.5/ Creation, implementation and    Standard            Uniform,      ELRA, INTERVAL,  ELRA and     c. 14 man  1996-199 1     
     widespread dissemination of     terminology         agreed        POINTER          INTERVAL     months     7              
2.1/ uniform, European validation    validation manual,  quality       consortium,      budgets;     (ELRA)                    
     models and procedures for       procedures and      standards as  national         follow-on    plus                      
3.2/ terminological resources        network             a prelude to  centres and      funding for  INTER-VAL                 
     ("European label"). These                           distribution  experts.         network      budget                    
4.3  models and procedures should                        of            Liaison &        necessary                              
     be based on the initial work                        high-quality  consultation                                            
     on a quality matrix which was                       terminology   with standards                                          
     performed as part of POINTER,                                     bodies.                                                 
     on the INTERVAL project, and                                                                                              
     on ELRA activities. They                                                                                                  
     should also address the                                                                                                   
     question of tools and tool                                                                                                

4.5  Provision of models and         Uniform, agreed QA  Rapid         ELRA, INTERVAL,  CEC funding  c. 200     1997     1     
     guidelines for implementing     guidelines          provision of  POINTER          required     kECU       onwards        
     the quality assurance and                           terminology   members,                                                
     self-certification procedures                       resources     standards                                               
     mentioned above in practice.                                      bodies,                                                 
     The process-oriented ISO 9000                                     academic and                                            
     model of standards,                                               vocational                                              
     consultancy and validation and                                    training                                                
     existing terminology standards                                    institutions,                                           
     should be taken as starting                                       national                                                
     points here.                                                      centres                                                 

4.5  Design and implementation of    Implementation of   Facilitation  ELRA, in         ELRA,        c. 300     1997     1     
     procedures for establishing a   certification       of            co-operation     INTERVAL,    kECU       onwards        
     European network of             infrastructure      validation    with INTERVAL;   CEC (pilot                             
     certification centres to                                          national         projects)                              
     validate terminology and award                                    centres,                                                
     the European label. This                                          standards                                               
     should include a provision for                                    bodies                                                  
     the mutual recogni-tion of                                                                                                
     resources validated in other                                                                                              

Chap Recommendation                  Goals               Benefits      Actor(s)         Funder(s)    Tot.       Time     Prio 
.                                                                                                    budget              rity  

4.5  Encourage integration/          Uniform (where      Shorten       ELRA, with the   Relevant     10         1996     1     
     harmonisation/cross-fertilisati sensible),          learning      co-operation of  bodies from             onwards        
     on of terminology quality and   state-of-the-art    curve, learn  INTERVAL;        existing                               
     validation mechanisms with      methodology,        from          national         budgets                                
     "mainstream" quality movements  centres, etc.       mistakes,     centres,                                                
     such as TQM, ISO9000.                               improve       standards                                               
                                                         quality and   bodies, GTW,                                            
                                                         efficiency    EAGLES, etc.                                            

5.1  Further develop, adopt and      Standard criteria   Agreed,       ELRA, in         Relevant     10         1996     2     
     disseminate metrics for                             objective     co-operation     bodies from             onwards        
     evaluating TMSs                                     basis for     with EAFT,       existing                               
                                                         assessment    TermNet (TAMA    budgets                                
                                                                       ls providers                                            
                                                                       and other                                               
                                                                       companies, etc.                                         

5.1  Promote mechanisms (e.g.        Knowledge transfer  Better        ELRA; EAFT       Relevant     5          1996     2     
     ELRA/EAFT working groups) by                        products,     (Interest        bodies out              onwards        
     which TMS developers can keep                       greater       Group),          of ongoing                             
     abreast of developments in                          interchange-a national         budgets,                               
     related subjects such as                            bility in     bodies, etc.,    CEC                                    
     language engineering and                            practice      CEC (as R&D                                             
     computing science, as well as                                     Programme                                               
     in terminology research.                                          Funder)                                                 

5.1  Support development of          Software            Greater       tools            private      50         1996     3     
     TMS-based application software  production          efficiency    providers,       funding,                onwards        
     for computer-assisted                                             EAFT, CEC        EAFT                                   
     co-operative (CAC) technical                                                       (ongoing                               
     writing and CAC terminology                                                        budget),                               
     work, e.g. by tenders, and                                                         CEC (via                               
     holding workshops and                                                              R&D                                    
     conferences.                                                                       programmes)                            

5.1  Investigate/develop the use of  Enhanced value and  Reutilisation CEC R&D          CEC (via     50 kECU    1996     3     
     linguistic models for the       re-usability of      of term      programmes, in   R&D                     onwards        
     enriched linguistic             terminological      banks by      close            programmes)                            
     description of terms.           resources           machine       co-operation                                            
                                                         translation   with ELRA                                               
                                                         and           (results                                                
                                                         information   distribution)                                           

Chap Recommendation                  Goals               Benefits      Actor(s)         Funder(s)    Tot.       Time     Prio 
.                                                                                                    budget              rity  

5.1  Investigate/develop the         Widespread ability  Shorter       CEC R&D          CEC (via     50 kECU    1996     3     
(cf. adaptation of corpus and        to access           time-to-marke programmes, in   R&D                     onwards        
     statistical linguistic          information on      t of          close            programmes)                            
also techniques for the              methods and         re-source     co-operation                                            
     identification of terms, and    techniques          creation,     with ELRA                                               
4.1) especially neologisms.          involved            increase in                                                           

5.1/ Promote the utilisation of      State-of-the-art    Greater       CEC R&D          CEC (via     25         1996     2     
     multimedia technology (e.g.     applications        functionality programmes, in   R&D                     onwards        
4.1  graphics, sound, animation and                      ,             close            programmes)                            
     video) in terminology                               ease-of-use   co-operation                                            
     applications.                                                     with ELRA                                               

5.1  Implementation of creation and  Process automation  Ease-of-use,  Tools providers  Some CEC     25         1996     2     
     validation methodologies in                         speed of                       funding via             onwards        
     tools, once established.                            creation and                   R&D                                    
                                                         updates                        program.                               

5.2  Further refine, adopt and       Improve quality     More skilled  EAFT, ELRA       CEC          40 kECU    1996     3     
     promote the matrix Training     and quantity of     terminologist national         financing               onwards        
     Model for the accreditation of  terminologists'     s, better     centres,         for                                    
     terminology training as         training, improve   working       academic/        workshops,                             
     proposed by POINTER.  Ways and  mobility and        conditions    vocational       awareness                              
     means in which the Model can    career              and improved  training         campaign,                              
     be accredited by a bona fide    recognition/prospec awareness of  institutions.    publication                            
     organisation must be explored.  ts for              terminology                    of finished                            
     Encourage organisations to      terminologists      and                            Model                                  
     establish career development                        profession                                                            
     paths for terminologists (e.g.                                                                                            
     through publicity campaigns                                                                                               
     and liaison with professional                                                                                             

5.2  Set up interactive pilot        Effective distance  Improved      national         CEC (via     25         1996     2     
     projects to explore the use of  learning schemes    dissemination centres,         R&D                     onwards        
     support measures for distance                        of           academic/        programmes)                            
     learning using multimedia                           knowledge     vocational                                              
     technology and computer-based                                     training                                                
     networks                                                          institutions,                                           
                                                                       private sector,                                         

Chap Recommendation                  Goals               Benefits      Actor(s)         Funder(s)    Tot.       Time     Prio 
.                                                                                                    budget              rity  

5.2  Develop/expand and promote      Provision of        Rapid         academic/        Relevant     10 kECU    1996     2     
     "train-the-trainer" and         high-quality,       knowledge     vocational       orga-nisatio            onwards        
     refresher courses.              comparable courses  transfer,     training         ns                                     
                                     throughout Europe   low cost      institutions,    parti-cularl                           
                                                                       EAFT and         y labour                               
                                                                       national         and youth                              
                                                                       centres (as      mobi-lity                              
                                                                       catalysts),      programmes                             
                                                                       IITF and         (ongoing                               
                                                                       Infoterm         budg.)                                 

5.2  Encourage national and          Mutual recognition  Increased     European and     Relevant     5          1996     3     
     professional bodies to          of qualifications   employee      national         bodies from             onwards        
     accredit courses run by other                       satisfaction/ bodies, EAFT     ongoing                                
     bodies in other countries.                                        and national     budgets                                
                                                         status,       centres                                                 
                                                         increased     (catalysts),                                            
                                                         mobility      academic and                                            

5.2  Disseminate training            Wide access to      Greatest      EAFT, ETIS,      Relevant     1          1996     1     
     information widely.             information         possible      ELRA, national   bodies,                 onwards        
                                                         professionali centres,         ongoing                                
                                                         -sation       academic and     budgets                                

Chap Recommendation                  Goals               Benefits      Actor(s)         Funder(s)    Tot.       Time     Prio 
.                                                                                                    budget              rity  

6.1  Implementation of a European    The promotion and   Co-ordination POINTER working  1)self (via  c. 30      1996     1     
     Association for Terminology     professionalisation , promotion   party (already   subscription kECU for   onwards        
     (EAFT), as a non-profit          of terminological  and           in existence)    s)           Termi-nolo                
     professional association for    activities and      qualification                  2) CEC       gy                        
     terminologists in Europe, with  terminologists       of                            (especially  Summit,                   
     the widest possible personal                        profession                     in start-up  c. 800                    
     and organisational membership.                      at European                    phase)       kECU over                 
     To ensure widespread                                level                                       3 years                   
     acceptance, a series of                                                                         for                       
     meetings leading to a                                                                           Associatio                
     high-level Terminology Summit                                                                   n                         
     should be held in 1996 to                                                                       providing                 
     detail and launch the EAFT.                                                                     full                      
     Participants should include                                                                     range of                  
     existing organisations,                                                                         activities                
     networks, users, the public                                                                     ;                         
     and private sectors, academic                                                                   recurrent                 
     and vocational training                                                                         funding                   
     institutions etc.                                                                               for                       
     The group must be flexible,                                                                     Conference                
     efficient and responsive to                                                                      etc.                     
     the needs of the terminology                                                                    beyond                    
     community and of users,                                                                         that.                     
     without being bound to rigid                                                                    Sub-script                
     structures, and should aim in                                                                   ions:                     
     the long term to become a true                                                                  c. 75 ECU                 
     professional association,                                                                       individual                
     rather than a mere interest                                                                     s,                        
     group.  Specific activities to                                                                  c.                        
     be performed should include:                                                                    200-250                   
     Industry co-ordination,                                                                         ECU for                   
     strategy and liaison,                                                                           companies.                
     including close co-operation                                                                                              
     with CEC and ELRA.                                                                              ETIS to                   
     Leading role in the proposed                                                                    be                        
     public awareness campaign.                                                                      budgeted                  
     Leading role in planning and                                                                    separately                
     implementation of proposed                                                                       (see                     
     ETIS (see below).                                                                               below).                   
     Organisation of Terminology                                                                                               
     Conference (see below).                                                                                                   
     Support for emerging service                                                                                              
     providers' industry (Interest                                                                                             
     Expert advice.                                                                                                            
     Implementation of a                                                                                                       
     "Terminology Forum" using a                                                                                               
     mixed range of communication                                                                                              
     Organisation of a high-level                                                                                              
     European Terminology                                                                                                      
     Further development and                                                                                                   
     dissemination of the matrix                                                                                               
     Training Model for                                                                                                        
     accreditation of                                                                                                          
     qualifications and experience                                                                                             
     outlined in POINTER (via a                                                                                                
     Working Group to be set up).                                                                                              
     Development, promotion and                                                                                                
     recognition of models and                                                                                                 
     courses for vocational                                                                                                    
     training ("certificate of                                                                                                 

6.1/ Implementation of a European    Provision of        Provision of  Network          Self-financi c. 700     Foundati 1     
     Terminology Information Server  high-quality        non-commercia comprising       ng (e.g.     kECU over  on in          
4.2/ (ETIS) providing the following  non-commercial      l             ELRA, EAFT,      via          3 years    1996           
     on-line information services:   information, incl.  information   Infoterm,        subscription            (Working       
4.3/ interactive information/user    market data, legal  resources     national and     s and pay                party         
     participation schemes (e.g.     information, as                   regional         per view                establis       
4.5  user forums and bulletin        part of a network                 centres,         schemes) in             hed by         
     boards, FAQs ("frequently       of terminology                    resource         the medium              POINTER)       
     asked questions") and support   centres, making                   owners, R&D      term.                                  
     services);                      full use of new                   centres, etc.,   Start-up                performa       
     resource observatory and        technologies (e.g.                plus server      funding                 nce of         
     technology/R&D watch (link to   WWW).                             site             from CEC                tasks          
     ELRA);                                                                             (including              in the         
     information on quality          Further refinement                                 funds to                medium         
     assurance and validation (link  of the information                                 create key              term,          
     to ELRA)                        on publicly                                        information             dependin       
     information on tools and        available                                          resources,              g on           
     technologies (link to ELRA)     terminology                                        and pilot               funding        
     information on legal framework  resources and                                      R&D                                    
     .../...                         secondary                                          projects).                             
                                     literature                                         .../...                                
     information on terminology                                                         .../...                                
     resources (link to ELRA)                                                           Possibility                            
     training information                                                               of                                     
     market data and analyses                                                           technical                              
     electronic journal                                                                 assistance                             
                                                                                        and support                            
                                                                                        from ELRA.                             

6.2/ Expansion and consolidation of  Facilitate and                    ELRA TC          Included in                      1     
     work in ELRA Terminology        promote emergence                 members, ELRA    ELRA                                   
3.2/ College (ELRA-TC) as a          of European LE                    Board, expert    budget.                                
     market-oriented catalyst and    industry.                         panel members                                           
4.2/ channel for terminology                                           in                                                      
     distribution and validation.                                      co-ordination                                           
4.3/ Specific activities should                                        with the other                                          
     include:                                                          ELRA Colleges                                           
4.5  Participation in expert panels                                    EAFT, ETIS,                                             
     on validation of language                                         national                                                
     resources, collection and                                         centres and all                                         
     identification of language                                        other relevant                                          
     resources, and distribution.                                      organisations                                           
     Further refinement of the list                                    and projects.                                           
     of publicly available                                                                                                     
     terminology resources and                                                                                                 
     secondary literature currently                                                                                            
     available to ELRA to produce a                                                                                            
     register of terminology                                                                                                   
     sources for specific domains,                                                                                             
     language combinations,                                                                                                    
     purposes and types of                                                                                                     
     applications, including                                                                                                   
     information on quality                                                                                                    
     criteria and access                                                                                                       
     Campaign to persuade the                                                                                                  
     terminology resource holders                                                                                              
     to make terminology more                                                                                                  
     widely available (including                                                                                               
     training, support with                                                                                                    
     specific problems and                                                                                                     
     provision of consulting and                                                                                               
     operative services for any                                                                                                
     necessary modifications).                                                                                                 
     Implementation of the ELDA as                                                                                             
     a clearing house for these                                                                                                
     resources, including                                                                                                      
     implementation of security and                                                                                            
     billing models.                                                                                                           
     Provision of access at                                                                                                    
     European level to national                                                                                                
     databases and other resources.                                                                                            
     Co-operation in the creation                                                                                              
     of concepts and mechanisms for                                                                                            
     charging and clearing licence                                                                                             
     Development of maintenance                                                                                                
     concepts and requirements for                                                                                             
     the terminology to be                                                                                                     
     distributed, taking special                                                                                               
     notice of the effect of age on                                                                                            
     quality validation.                                                                                                       
     Promotion of common standards                                                                                             
     to ensure the compatibility                                                                                               
     and quality certification of                                                                                              
     terminological resources.                                                                                                 
     Membership drive among                                                                                                    
     terminology field.                                                                                                        
     Co-ordination and co-operation                                                                                            
     with other colleges to tackle                                                                                             
     most critical problems                                                                                                    
     affecting LE industry in                                                                                                  
     Europe, and terminological                                                                                                
     activities in particular.                                                                                                 

Chap Recommendation                  Goals               Benefits      Actor(s)         Funder(s)    Tot.       Time     Prio 
.                                                                                                    budget              rity  

6.1/ Support for, or creation (as    Creation of nodes   Efficient     National         National     c. 2m ECU  1996     1     
     appropriate) of national        for multilingual    fostering of  associations/    governments, for an     onwards        
3.2/ terminology centres in all EU   support for         terminology   interest          private     initial 5                 
     member states, acting as        European            and           groups, etc.,    sector, CEC  years                     
4.2  information, support and        Information         terminology   supported by     (initial                               
     consulting centres, for         Society             work,         CEC, regional,   funding for                            
     terminology and terminological  Co-ordination and,  creation of   national and     pilot                                  
     activities (including legal     where appropriate,  distribution  European bodies  projects                               
     issues and commercialisation    harmonisation of    points                         and in                                 
     of existing resources).         activities                                         those cases                            
     The centres (whose existence                                                       in which                               
     or lack of it emerges from the                                                     national                               
     national surveys performed)                                                        language                               
     should build up close                                                              policy                                 
     relationships                                                                      initiatives                            
     with other national/regional                                                       and funding                            
     focal points, bodies and                                                           do not                                 
     associations                                                                       exist, or                              
     with domain-specific                                                               are                                    
     professional bodies and                                                            insufficient                           
     associations, chambers of                                                          , and to                               
     commerce, relay points, etc.,                                                      finance                                
     and                                                                                co-operation                           
     with ELRA, EAFT and ETIS and                                                        at the                                
     other European and                                                                 European                               
     supranational activities.                                                          level)                                 
     These structures will                                                                                                     
     typically perform some or all                                                                                             
     of the following functions:                                                                                               
     provision, brokerage and                                                                                                  
     distribution of terminological                                                                                            
     resources and services (in                                                                                                
     co-operation with ELRA)                                                                                                   
     information and awareness                                                                                                 
     co-ordination/liaison between                                                                                             
     industry, training and                                                                                                    
     validation points for European                                                                                            
     training centres (tools,                                                                                                  
     creation and validation                                                                                                   
     methods, costing, standards,                                                                                              
     standards promotion and                                                                                                   
     lobbying and advice                                                                                                       
     publications (information and                                                                                             
     research on demand                                                                                                        
     activity monitoring                                                                                                       
     catalyst for/promotion of                                                                                                 
     terminology work                                                                                                          
     hosting of/support for                                                                                                    
     terminology committees                                                                                                    

6.1  Support for/creation of         Access to and       Increased     EAFT, ELRA, CEC  Largely      Project-sp 1996     2     
3.2/ concrete, cross-sectoral        (encouragement of)  co-ordination (as catalyst),   self-financi ecific     onwards        
     co-operation networks between   dissemination of     of           national         ng (incl.                              
4.1/ domain-specific information     domain-specific     profession,   centres,         from                                   
     centres/servers/                terminology,        increased     existing         budgets to                             
4.3  networks/associations,          expert advice,      dissemination institutions     be created                             
     standards bodies, national      opportunity to       of           and              above                                  
     terminology centres, relay      promote training    higher-qualit organisations                                           
     points and the new European     activities, etc.    y                                                                     
     terminology infrastructure.     Facilitation of     terminology                                                           
                                     shared research                                                                           
                                     and development                                                                           
                                     activities and                                                                            
                                     mutual provision                                                                          
                                     of services                                                                               

6.1/ Implementation/expansion of     Increased           ditto         Relevant         Largely      10         1996     2     
     mechanisms for greater          communication and                 bodies,          self-financi            onwards        
3.2  co-operation within             synergy between                   TermNet, EAFT    ng                                     
     terminology work between        private and public                as catalyst                                             
     private and public sectors at   sectors.                                                                                  
     national and international                                                                                                
     level, building on existing                                                                                               
     networks such as COTSOWES.                                                                                                

6.1  Promotion/creation of national  Broad-based         Professionali EAFT, existing   Self-financi variable   1996     2     
     or regional terminology         associations of     -sation,      national         ng                      onwards        
     associations, where necessary.  individuals across  national      associations                                            
                                     Europe              input to      and networks                                            
                                                         EAFT          (as catalysts),                                         
                                                                       in areas                                                

Chap Recommendation                  Goals               Benefits      Actor(s)         Funder(s)    Tot.       Time     Prio 
.                                                                                                    budget              rity  

6.1/ Creation and/or deepening of    Ongoing, concrete   Synergy       EAFT, ELRA,      Largely      5          1996     1     
     co-operation between the        co-operation        effects,      national         self-financi            onwards        
3.2. terminology field, general      mechanisms          mutual        centres, etc.    ng                                     
/    language (LGP) networks, and                        acceptance                                                            
2.2  language-group networks.                            and                                                                   

6.1  Institute and fund mechanisms   Development of      Creation of   National         CEC/national c. 100     1996     1     
     for promoting/improving the     overall strategies  national      centres and       government  kECU per   onwards        
     co-ordination of terminology    for European        strategies    other bodies,    financing,   government                
     and general language policy at  languages and       for MLIS,     e.g. Committee   in            per year                 
     national, regional and          permanent           clear         of the Regions,  particular                             
     European level (e.g. working    consultation        delineation   national         Committee                              
     parties, joint commissions,     mechanisms          of interface  governments,     of the                                 
     etc.).                                              between       CEC (as          Regions                                
                                                         EU/national   catalyst and                                            
                                                         governments   for European                                            

6.1  Promote/implement terminology   Permanent networks  Co-ordination national         National     Language-d 1996     1     
     co-ordination networks based                         of           centres and      governments  ependent   onwards        
     on languages and language                           activities,   other bodies,                 (where no                 
     groups.                                             reduced       national                      mechanisms                
                                                         effort        governments CEC                exist, c                 
                                                                       (as catalyst)                 1 person                  
                                                                                                     year plus                 

6.1  Position existing               Clear definition    Co-ordination International    Existing     Activity-s 1996     1     
     international terminology       of the role of       of           bodies and       budgets/     pecific                   
     organisations and regional      existing            activities,   networks, ELRA,  proposed                               
     networks (e.g. Infoterm, Union  international       clear         ETIS, EAFT       general                                
     Latine, RinT, RITerm,           organisations and   responsibilit                  funding                                
     Nordterm, Realiter, TermNet,    networks and of     ies,                                                                  
     etc.) in relation to the        the new European    acceptance                                                            
     European terminology            infrastructure,     of new                                                                
     infrastructure (e.g. during     and of the          structures                                                            
     work leading up to Terminology  interfaces between                                                                        
     Summit)                         them.                                                                                     

Financial Summary

The table below shows a summary of proposed budgets, classified by funding categories. Because the cost of many of the action items proposed is spread across several funding providers, many of the budget items in the first table have been broken down and allocated accordingly.

Funding Category                                               Cost in ECU    

European Association For Terminology (EAFT):                                  
a) Implementation and activities (over 3 years, including             800 000 
subscriptions)                                                         30 000 
b) European Terminology Summit 1996                                           

European Terminology Information Server (ETIS)                        700 000 

Joint activities with ELRA, funding within ELRA budget                305 000 

EC projects outside EAFT, ETIS and ELRA*                            1 936 000 

EC projects for R&D programme tenders*                              4 005 000 

Funding for internal EC requirements                                5 000 000 

Other public sector projects*                                       5 806 000 

Other private sector funding                                        1 260 000 

Total:                                                             19 842 000 

* Total project budgets, 50% financial participation assumed where private sector is involved