Formal Software Development

Spring Semester 2008

Course Organisation/Dates

Course Aims





Resource Materials

The course timetable is as follows:
Time Location
LectureWed 10-12LTA weeks 1-12
LabThur 09:00-10:0034/34a BB04 weeks 1-12
We will be running all of the above for the first two weeks until we assess how many taking the course.

The module will be taught by Dr Helen Treharne. Any questions should be directed to her, via email, at H.Treharne@surrey.ac.uk

Method of assessment

There will be an exam at the end of the semester, accounting for 60% of the marks available for the module. The remaining 40% will be assessed via two pieces of coursework(20% each). The coursework will be submitted electronically, one in the middle of the course and one after the easter vacation.

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