Wednesday 17th July

10:00-12:00Demonstrations of Implemented Voting Systems
12:45-2:15Lunch and registration
2:15-2:30Introduction and Welcome
James Heather, Steve Schneider, Vanessa Teague
2:30-3:30 Invited talk: Suppose electronic voting works? Then what?
Dave Birch, Consult Hyperion
3:30-4:00 Break
4:00-5:30  Attacking the Verification Code Mechanism in the Norwegian Internet Voting System
Reto E. Koenig, Philipp Locher and Rolf Haenni
On the Specification and Verification of Voting Systems
Bernhard Beckert, Rajeev Gore and Carsten Schuermann
Formal Model-based Validation for Tally Systems
Joseph Kiniry and Dermot Cochran
7:00 Reception at the Guildhall, Guildford High Street
Sponsored by Consult Hyperion
Participants should organise their own dinner in town afterwards.

Thursday 18th July

9:00-11:00 Scaling Privacy Guarantees in Code-Verification Elections
Aggelos Kiayias and Anthi Orfanou
Vote Casting in any Prefered Constituency: a New Voting Channel
Jurlind Budurushi, Maria Henning and Melanie Volkamer
Analysis of an Electronic Boardroom Voting System
Mathilde Arnaud, Veronique Cortier and Cyrille Wiedling
A Formal Model for the Requirement of Verifiability in Electronic Voting by means of a Bulletin Board
Katharina Bräunlich and Rüdiger Grimm
11:30-12:30 Invited talk: E2E to Hand to Eye: Verifiability, Trust, Audits
Philip Stark, UC Berkeley
2:15-3:15 Dispute Resolution in Accessible Voting Systems: The Design and Use of Audiotegrity
Tyler Kaczmarek, John Wittrock, Richard Carback, Alex Florescu, Jan Rubio, Noel Runyan, Poorvi Vora and Filip Zagorski
Mental Models of Verifiability in Voting
Maina M. Olembo, Steffen Bartsch and Melanie Volkamer
4:00-5:00Keynote Talk: Trustworthiness before Trust
Baroness Onora O'Neill of Bengarve, Chair of the Equality and Human Rights Commission
Location Lecture Theatre G
5:00Reception for Baroness O’Neill
7:00Conference dinner in Lakeside Restaurant, University of Surrey

Friday 19th July

9:00-10:30Prêt à Voter Providing Everlasting Privacy
Denise Demirel, Maria Henning, Jeroen van de Graaf, Peter Y. A. Ryan and Johannes Buchmann
Towards a Practical Internet Voting Scheme Based on Malleable Proofs
David Bernhard, Stephan Neumann and Melanie Volkamer
A Practical Coercion Resistant Voting Scheme Revisited
Roberto Araújo and Jacques Traoré
11:00-12:00 Invited talk: The Election Observation of New Voting Technologies
Robert Krimmer, Senior Adviser on New Voting Technologies
OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR)
12:00-1:00Rump Session
1:00Lunch and close