CSM24 - Introduction to Multimedia Security

Dear everyone,

Please find below the lecture notes and coursework for module CSM24 on Introduction to Multimedia Security.

Please refer to the dates for group software demo for the second assignment next week listed below.

    Report submission for the second assignment will be week 13 (30 November 2006)


    Prof Anthony TS Ho

    Email: a.ho@surrey.ac.uk



 Module Description

 Details of the module description for Introduction to Multimedia Security



Lecture Notes

                                                           Part 1: Cryptography (Lectures 1 - 5)

                                                           Part 2: Steganography (Lectures 6 - 10)

                                                           Part 3: Watermarking (Lectures 11 - 16)

                                                           Part 4: Biometrics (Lectures 17 - 20)

                                                 Coursework Information

                                                          - Assignment 1: Cryptography and Steganography (Report to be submitted by Friday, 3 November 2006)

                                                          - CSM24 Assignment 1 Demo Schedule

                                                          - Assignment 2: Watermarking and Biometrics (Demo and Report Submission - Week 12, 20 November 2006)

                                                          - CSM24 Assignment 2 Demo Schedule

                                                          - Assessment Guidelines for Coursework Assignments


                                                         Please submit the coursework to the PG office during the opening hours

                                                        or to the Student Common Room 30BB04 in the MSc Student Coursework Box